Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chocolate party

I could not imagine myself any happier in life except for my teeth to feel better and minus a sore finger. Jeff and I are growing stronger daily. We're not perfect and probably will never be. However, we definitely like to make each other happy and are forgiving when we mess up.

Laura and I had a fun day. I gave Leigh Ann a mental health day because she has a lot going on with her son. Even though it did disrupt my schedule quite a bit, my conscious kept asking me to do so. She was thrilled. So for 4 hours, it was just me & Laura. We enjoyed our silly songs, playing with babies, and I taught her all about gravity and electricity. She created a song about the two.

After dinner, I had her laughing so hard that she had 3 accidents. Then we had a chocolate party (one piece of chocolate and a few M&Ms) and I let her stay up 1hr passed her bed time. She told me what a great day she had.

Enjoying the simple moments make the most memories.

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