Reading Phillies 2010

Jeff is usually off work Fridays and Saturdays. Last week he was off Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was 95% wonderful!

We were given six tickets to see the Reading Phillies by my friend. We took Laura, my nephew, sister and brother-in-law. We went early because we wanted to go to the buffet first. The buffet was $11 and got you all you can eat for 2.5 hours - hot dogs, drinks, chicken, hamburgers, chips, salads, cookies etc. It was well worth it!

Jeff did amazing. It was me, him, Laura and Zef. Julie and Hersjel met us later due to work. It was above 90 degrees and lots of humidity. I'm good at organizing & keeping kids entertained. But Jeff had to get us all plates and food and drinks - except Zef could on his own with a crowd of people and a very hot 3 year old. He did fantastic. He fed me and helped Laura. I was proud.

Then when we went to our section for the game, a woman who worked there asked if we tried sitting in the accessible seating area. It was right on the field. Our tickets were not for that area but she suggested that we try it.

We all trekked down to the seating area. They saw my wheelchair and let us in. Laura loved dancing to the music, Zef tried to learn the game and Jeff and I were just very happy we could see better.

The only draw back was that area gets hit with lots of foul balls. Strange place to put many people in wheelchairs but at least we could see!


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