Animal Kingdom

We all went to Animal Kingdom on Saturday because we figured it would be less crowded. We got there a little later than planned but only by an hour. Laura was very happy to go and it was the first Disney park she experienced. I was there twice before.

The first thing we did was the Safari ride. They have a vehicle if you choose to stay in your wheelchair but you're also fine to transfer if desired. I decided to stay in my wheelchair because I felt more comfortable and why make Jeff transfer me if he didn't need to?

They secure the wheelchair much like in a wheelchair accessible van. The ride is much like a real safari with free roaming animals. The roads are bumpy and hilly. The ride isn't scary. It is adventurous.

Laura enjoyed it a lot. She was fascinated by driving through big puddles of water. She liked seeing all of the animals especially the new baby elephant. I made sure that Jeff held onto her because even though I doubt she could fail out, being a mom, I just wanted to make sure she was safe.

After that we made a terrible mistake. We went to see It's a Bugs Life. Of course they warn you when you get in that it might be too much for people who don't like loud noises,the dark and intense special effects. However, by that time we were already inside and ready to go in. I felt fear that Laura wouldn't be happy but I prayed for the best.

Laura hated it. She was terrified of everything. I admit it was even a bit intense for me. It was 3D and you could feel stinging, drops of water and puffs of air. There was a huge bug out to try to kill the audience with bug spray. She was angry at me for taking her to it and I tried to explain that I didn't know it was going to be like that.

After we left that show we noticed that they had an area where children could meet the Disney characters. We quickly went over and it was a much needed distraction. She met Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck.

The best part of Animal Kingdom was The Lion King show. It's only thirty minutes but it's fun, interactive, full of fantastic music and great acrobatics. Laura said it was her very favorite. She also did the dinosaur spin ride with Jeff.She thoroughly enjoyed the Jungle Parade. I liked the Finding Nemo show. Laura seemed indifferent. For both shows,you can stay in your wheelchair.

Jeff and I didn't do the roller coasters. I wanted to do Dinosaur,but we ran out of time. That was okay because we had a great time. The weather was perfect-in the high seventies and sunny.


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