Hockey... yes seriously.. hockey

I went to an Adapted Sports Expo in West Chester on the day before Valentine's Day. I didn't know what to expect. I went mainly because of my job and because I do have a disability and like to be active.

Laura went to my Dad's because my sister was going to have a Valentine's Day party for her and my nephew. Unfortunately, as the day went on, Laura got sick and the party was postponed. My Dad took care of her though.

The Expo had several groups aimed at people with disabilities. Each group held demonstrations and allowed people to try it. I remembered playing hockey in gym class when I was in special education but that was when I was ten. They tapped foam hockey sticks to our chairs and we played.

So when I first entered the Expo, they immediately told me that there was a power chair hockey demonstration going on. I went and talked to the leaders. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they play around where I live and they would like more players.

I also like the fact that they were mostly physically challenged. Not that I'm against mental challenges but it's nice to be around people that you have something in common with. They invited me to come out and play in the next game on Saturday. I said yes!

Jeff took me to the game. For us, it only took about a half an hour. Others traveled over an hour. We chuckled at the sight of so many wheelchair vans. It's different to see them all in one place. I felt nervous and excited. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself.

When we went in, a woman remembered who I was and asked if I wanted to play or just watch. I enthusiastically said I would play. She got one of the coaches to hook up a hockey stick to my wheelchair. I would be playing defense.

For the first time, I admit that I played pretty well. The people said it too and I think they meant it. Jeff said he was proud of me and it felt great to have him there supporting me.

So now I'm a full member and am actually looking forward to the next game in two weeks !


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