Monday, February 21, 2011

Yes, mom has a disability

Laura is noticing more and more that I am not like other mothers. Her questions and empathy are amazing but it's still hard to explain. The nice part is that her teachers at the YMCA don't treat me or her any different.

I think it's cute when she says cerebral palsy. She says that I am cerebral palsy. I'm beginning to explain more in depth that not everybody in a wheelchair has cerebral palsy. That there are many other disabilities that exist.

She asked me how I got it. This is a tricky question to answer because I don't want to scare her. My cerebral palsy came from doctor error. So I explained that the doctor made a bad choice and had a mistake. She asked me where was he now? I told her that he had died a few years ago. Her response was "That is good since he hurt you. " I laughed to myself and tried the best I could that even when we make bad choices we should be forgiven and forgive others.

Last night I helped her open a box of candy. She was doubtful that I could open it. When she is doubtful, I try that much harder. I did get it opened and she said," Great job Mommy! Many people can't open that but you could !" It's her way of showing me that she knows things can be difficult for me but I do it anyway. I think and hope when she sees me try hard that it encourages her not to give up too.

I recently joined Philadelphia Power Play. It's a hockey team for people who use motorized wheelchairs. I played my first game on Saturday and enjoyed it. I'll talk more about it in another blog. I didn't take Laura yet because my dad had her, but I'm curious to see her reaction to everybody in a wheelchair like mommy. It should be interesting !


  1. Nice article Jess! :D Mary

  2. Thank you! I love her questions and way of talking about things.