And the world should pause... How does God do it?

It looked like a science fiction movie but was much more real.

Laura woke up early on Friday (around seven. ) Jeff has offered several times that if I woke him, he would take care of Laura. I probably took him up on this offer about four times. She can be headstrong and determined to see Mommy no matter what and she's always so so cute and sweet when she first wakes up, that I just get get up and take care of her.

I normally have Laura shower at night but she nor I felt like it Thursday night. So we decided for her to get one before she dressed. About one year ago, I started helping Laura shower. Before that me and an aide would do it and she would freak out. So when she was tall enough to reach the shower handle, I had an idea.

I talked Laura through the shower. Guess what? No more crying. Showering became much less stressful. Now she plays, washes herself, washes her hair and puts her toys away practically by herself.

So, after Laura was happily in the shower, I crawled across the hall to my office. Keep in mind that I can hear everything and she's in the shower - not bath - so she was safe.

When I clicked on CNN to read the news, I was astonished to learn about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Those poor people were hit out of no where. I was picturing parents trying to save and protect their child. I'd do anything in the world to keep Laura safe.

I believe in God. I read all the hype on the end of the world. I can't say that I'm completely sold. However, God must absolutely be the strongest being to sit and watch his children being hurt, tortured or killed. I cringe when Laura gets a small scrape. I want her to get her ears pierced but don't know if I could stand the pain watching her get poked.

I don't know how He does it. God is even more powerful than I imagined.


  1. I believe that's even more amazing when you thing of Him watching His Son die on the cross for our sins!


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