Full moon and Red Lobster

I used to not believe the whole full moon myth. However, once I realized that Jeff and I have our worst arguments during the full moon, I believed differently. Now that I know this, I look at the calendar to prepare.

This time I knew it was this weekend so we both are careful. We have had a few minor disagreements though. We handled it and moved on.

Thursday night we went to the Trappe for St. Patrick's Day. Jeff's parents took Laura after we met them for dinner. They missed her. A local band played at the Trappe so we decided to go. It was, of course, packed. I felt slightly nervous because drunk people respond strangely when they see someone in a wheelchair. However, I'm friends with the band so I felt pretty confident between the band and Jeff.

We had a great time and I danced like crazy. I hardly drank alcohol. I don't need to to have fun. Jeff enjoyed himself and we got a couple free shirts. At one point, Jeff left and a huge drunk guy started to get a little too friendly. The band kept watch as well as a fast moving bouncer who saved my phone from being squashed.

The next day we got me a GPS for my van and went out to dinner at Red Lobster. We were given the wrong waiter, the wrong food and Jeff must have had food poisoning because he threw up violently the minute we came home. We won't be going there again anytime soon.

Today I play hockey. Unfortunately Jeff is working but my friend, Grace, is taking me. I'm excited !


  1. What a good article. I guess I should read your blog after all hehe .

  2. Thanks.. Probably hard keeping up when your wife is a writer.

  3. Sounds like a fun time! Glad you had that opportunity!


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