Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing before our eyes

Laura will soon be four and a half. It's amazing to watch her change physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

Today I noticed that her pants were not fitting quite right and her shirts seemed a little tight. Keep in mind that she isn't big by no means. She is barely thirty pounds but is getting taller and longer.

So when she was in pre school, my attendant and I went shopping at Kohls. I like Kohls because the clothes are decent in quality, fit and style. They always seem to have a sale going on. I didn't go overboard but I bought some shirts, pants and tights.

It was such a strange feeling to shop in the real girl section opposed to the toddler section. I felt sad in one way because my baby is getting older and now clothes will be bigger and of course more expensive!

After I picked her up from school, had lunch, played outside - we went in her room and took out all her clothes from her closet. I picked which ones were just right, too big and too small.

The too small pile is always somewhat depressing. I remember exactly when she wore things and so on. I did the same with her shoes.

A long with growing physically, she's learning more about God and having a greater understanding about people and love. We are reading a chapter book now and having discussion about what happened. She's learning to write and put sounds to letters.

I know even adults evolve daily hopefully to the better. But seeing a child change into an extraordinary person is a wonderful gift.

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