Hips, Child abuse and tid bits from Jessica

My hips are finally feeling the strain of 35 years of sitting in the W position. Unfortunately, it's the only position I can sit to type and do things somewhat independently. I have been remaining in my wheelchair more or the couch but nothing beats independence. Luckily, I've been dictating more of my articles and hopefully soon have a key guard so I can use my computer from my desk.

I'm not looking forward to the day when I can't get around on the floor. I feel so free and like I can take care of myself. In July 2009, I finally learned how to get on the toilet myself in my house from the floor. One of the best things ever after relying on others all your life to take care of the most basic human need.

I have never been great at asking for help. Laura picked up on that trait. I guess life changes and so does our body.

I wrote an article today about child abuse prevention. Child abuse is a huge pet peeve of mine. I even cringe when I hear people yelling at their kids in stores.

Children are so valuable but often are treated as a half of a thought. Laura isn't a perfect child but I respect her dignity and opinion. I discipline her with her best interest in mind. I don't discipline out of frustration or anger because that doesn't really teach.

Laura swam today independently by holding a noodle in swim class. I was very proud of her. She also made fruit salad in cooking class. Ok, time to give my hip a break.


  1. Asking for help is a huge problem for me:


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