Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kindle and Cerebral Palsy

I remember learning to read the book Go Dog Go while sitting next to my father on out living room couch. In fact I read that book to Laura tonight before she went to bed. I like reading, but due to my cerebral palsy, it wasn't always easy.

I could never hold a paperback book. My arms and hands lack the control. When I was at home, I'd sit in the W position and use my knees as weights to anchor the pages. My neck and back would eventually ache but I loved a good book.

At school, the teachers would place my book on a book stand and I'd have a have to ask someone to turn the pages. I read fast so I would feel bad constantly asking so I often re read pages.

When Kindle came out, it was a little above my price range. I kept the idea in mind. I asked for one for Christmas this past year and received it.

Other than the on/off switch being a little hard to do and some of the keys are tiny, I love it. Reading is finally comfortable and fun to do. I wish I had the Kindle in elementary school and up. My life would have been so much easier. But I'm sure glad they have it today.

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  1. Kindle has an app for PC's too, so I read on my desktop computer.