No attendent today

My attendant called off today but of course I didn't know until it was after eight. I often panic when this happens. It's very difficult to rely on others for personal care. People do get sick but still hard.

I let Laura stay home. She had the sniffles anyway. Jeff really stepped up and wasn't angry at the situation. He set Laura and I up with enough food for the morning and afternoon. He also assisted me in getting ready and making sure I had what I needed.

Laura and I played, watched some movies and danced. My Dad then picked Laura up and surprised Zef with taking her to pick him up from school. I went out to dinner with them to O'Grady's.

When I got home my afternoon attendant was here and helped me with house stuff and getting ready for bed. I gave Laura a shower and watched Marmaduke.

Having Laura miss school isn't great, but spending the day together and having support is priceless !


  1. We (well minus Riley who was at school) watched Marmaduke this morning!

  2. Did he like it? Laura likes it a lot. She watched it last week too.

  3. Do you have back-up attendants? We do, which helps a lot!


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