Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strep and craziness

I have strep throat again. I have had it several times throughout my life. This time it seems a bit more painful. It started out on Saturday and I got to the doctor's yesterday afternoon. Today is my second day on antibiotic and I'm still having pain when I swallow. My attendant already called off tomorrow because she has it. I'm understanding but still annoying because I didn't miss a beat but thank goodness Donna can come so Laura doesn't miss her book club class and her spring craft class.

Laura has been interesting lately. She spent a lot of time in the corner yesterday for not listening and yelling. Today was more of the same. She often talks back like a teenager. She is so sweet, smart and funny. Then she can turn into a little monster. Yesterday she threw a tantrum because she decided in the middle of the parking lot that she wanted the zipper on her jacket zipped that second.

Her vocabulary is so mature that sometimes it's difficult not to laugh. She'll say, "I need to tell you something. I made a decision to do things my way. " I'm thrilled she's so smart but it makes discipline hard.

Speaking of discipline, Jeff and I weren't always on the same page on how to handle behavior. So I printed up her routine and rules. Now no matter what his schedule, he knows what is going on when and her rules. He let me do the rules because I'm with her most of the time but he gave me his input too.

Laura went out with Israel's family last night. Certain members of his family and I aren't seeing eye to eye at all. It came down to me actually not being invited to a family function. I debated on letting Laura go but she loves her cousins and uncle. But all this drama is sure going to make future family events challenging.

I don't like drama but I'm not a push over especially matters that concern my daughter and family. She is my number one priority and always will be.

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  1. Right after I posted that, Jeff sent Laura in for me to put her to bed. On her own, without Jeff prompting her, she said "I need to tell you something. " I said ok. She said, "I'm sorry for my bad attitude on these days." I was so floored that I immediately asked Jeff if he put her up to it and he was as surprised as I was. Kids!