Friday, March 25, 2011

Women health issues with disabilities

I just read an interesting article about the lack of support in woman's health issues when there is a disability. I have experience with this first hand.

Getting a pap smear is a normal female test and one we dread. I hate getting them because getting on the examination table is difficult and high. The table is narrow making me nervous that I'm going to fly off. Of course there are no side support or railing either. And then on top of all that, I have to somehow keep my legs apart and stay still. (I get to experience all this on Monday. )

When I was pregnant, I had a difficult time finding an ob that would accept me. They all immediately assumed that the pregnancy would be high risk and wouldn't touch me. I thought I found one and they ended up giving my name to child welfare without my permission. Finally I found the right fit and my pregnancy went quite smoothly and normal.

So, yes, we do need better awareness of health issues and disabilities !

Health and women with disabilities

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