Dentist and hockey

The weather has sure warmed up ! I'm not complaining either because I don't like winter at all. I'm not a huge fan of humidity but I'll take it any day compared to cold weather.

Laura went to the dentist today with my friend's daughter. She's seven and they get along great. I was saddened to learn that Laura has a tiny cavity in the very back. She eats very healthy and brushes her teeth twice a day. We are going to brush three times a day and have someone help her with the back teeth.

As a Mom, it's hard not to feel like you did something wrong when your child has a cavity. I'll work harder with her on her teeth and hope for the best !

The dental assistants were not so cool. Even though I took Laura to this office before, they assumed that I was the child. After I explained to them that Laura is my daughter, they acted all strange and had difficulty looking me in the eye. It was rather strange.

Laura played pee wee hockey later and the stick was almost as big as she was! So cute.


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