I admire you

The other day while I was watching Laura during her swim class, there was a mother at the pool with her two children. She was obviously frustrated and my attendant commented that she was being mean to her daughter. I missed the scene because I was focused and amazed to see Laura swimming by herself for the very first time.

After her lesson, Laura seemed fine until we entered the bathroom to have her change. She had a breakdown because her shirt was inside out. She solved this problem many times before but this time it was a tragedy. Everything became dramatic and crying begun. Numerous times I had to remind myself that I needed to have patience. After she dressed, I asked he to put her bathing suit and towel on my lap. Well, for some reason that created some catastrophe because another tantrum started again.

During these little battles, I asked her to stop acting like a baby because she was now over four. I also said babies need naps and when we get home she had to take one if she continued to act like a baby.

My agenda was to go to Walgreens after class. With Laura's behavior, I decided to drop her off because Jeff was at home doing yard work before work. I told Laura that her behavior wouldn't be rewarded with going shopping. She was not happy but left the car on her own.

At Walgreens, my attendant said she admired me because I kept calm but followed through with discipline. I was rather surprised because I felt it was a normal mother thing to do.

When we returned, Jeff was on the porch. He told me after five minutes Laura said she was going to bed. He said ok and checked in on her ten minutes later, and she was fast asleep. She ended up sleeping for almost three hours!

When she woke up, the first thing she told me was, "You see Mommy, I acted like a baby because I really needed a nap and you said babies take naps. " I said, after laughing, "next time just tell me you're tired and I'll gladly let you sleep."


  1. I admire you Jess and will remember these words of wisdom in a few years when the tantrums begin for me with Gabby Rose...LOL...great blog entry!

  2. I'm a mommy and I also have a twin sister whom has Cerbral Palsy. I agree with your attendant! You are for sure to be admired! (I am in Tantrum Phase with my eldest, whom just turned four). She can be a handful!

  3. Also, I would really appreciate it if you checked out my best friend's blog. Her name is Jessica too, and she has Charcot Marie Tooth Muscular Dystrophy. She needs some guidance from someone who has a true understanding P.O.V. Here is the link: http://www.jessburke12345.blogspot.com/

  4. Yes, I admire you for doing the right thing for your daughter even though it inconvenienced you by having to take her home (in our society, even if it's the right thing to do, most parents would have not handled it this way), but I also admire Laura for listening to what you said, listening to her body, recognizing that you were right, acting on it, then immediately apologizing without being prompted. That shows much more maturity than that of a 4 year old!


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