Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Physical therapy and other happenings

I started physical therapy last week and went again today. I do like it but it's kind of an inconvenience. I go when Laura's in pre school which is good but it takes time away from my errands. Running errands without a little one is always easier. Laura can be an asset or a lot of patience at a store.

Yesterday Laura was very creative. She took some of her stuffed animals and set them up all over the living-room. She made a zoo and I would be the visitor. She enjoyed playing the innkeeper and telling me all of the names. I love her imagination and compassion toward the animals.

She also likes to act out that she is going to college. She packs a small bag of toys and kisses me good-bye. She'll set up a dorm space that she likes to call her apartment. Then to my surprise, she pretended to call Adam (our next door neighbor who is a week younger than Laura )and invited him to come over for dinner and sleep over. I panicked a little bit to envision what was going to happen when she really goes to college.

Laura enjoys acting out scenarios and stories. We have a lot of fun. It's interesting how the most enjoyable games are basically free. All they require is a little time and some creative thinking.

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