Welcome to my closet

One memory that sticks out from when Israel died was the day I took his clothes out of the closet. My sister took care of Laura and my friend helped me with the task. I never saw the closet with only my clothes. It was half his and half mine ever since we had the house (almost 5 years at the time.)

My friend went as fast or as slow as I needed. It wasn't easy on her either because she knew Israel for years too. Each piece had a memory - a history. Some good, some bad or a little of both. I think what made it easier was that I knew I was going to keep them in the attic for Laura. I kept about everything I could for her since that and memories people can tell her is the only link to him.

It was hard to get used to not seeing blue buttoned down shirts lined on hangers plus sweaters that he wore because he knew I liked it on him.

When Jeff first moved in, he put his clothes in the office for several reasons - space for one. However, during the last week/weekend, we decided to consolidate to one closet and buy a nice dresser for his clothes in our bedroom.

I can't tell you the number of emotions I felt as I sat on the bed watching him hang his shirts in the closet. It actually gave me goose bumps like we were really doing this and becoming one.

A closet isn't just a closet. It's a space that holds your personality, likes/dislikes, occupation, leisure time and most of all, your heart! Welcome to my closet, Jeff. Hope it's a long and happy journey.


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