Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today was around 96. Laura has been busy painting. She is very good at occupying herself. She plays barbies and with her stuffed animals.

I've written two articles and did some research. I talked to Jeff before work. We have been talking about careers a lot lately and various home improvement projects. After lunch, I played outside with Laura - sand box and hide and go seek. She informed me that my wheelchair doesn't hide too well. She was the designated hider.

We came in after 30min because of the heat. Now I'm updating our ipad and iphone. I'd like to write 1 more article today. Tomorrow I want to shop at Kohl's for Father's Day stuff.

As a Mom who works from home, it can be a challenge. Laura sees me working but yet I'm home. It's a hard temptation not to always play with her. Tonight we watched TV and played with her horse who according to Laura was "damaged in an accident and needs a body cast." She went to bed around 8. Tomorrow is her last art class.

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