Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was thinking about my school days today. Having a disability back in the 80s compared to today is a lot different. We were in segregated classes because children with disabilities especially severe couldn't be in the regular class. I felt confused and a sense of wonder why this was. I longed to be in a regular class.

I wonder if my experiences will affect Laura. I'm hoping that I can relate and understand as she enters into her school years.

I often had trouble making friends with children without disabilities. Mainly because I wasn't used to them and in a way, felt intimidated or perhaps second class. Laura has no problem at all making friends. Some kids ask her if I'm really her mom and she will say ,"Yes, that is my mom!" Then came to give me a big hug!!

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  1. I agree it was weird the way they used to keep us apart, but I was "mainstreamed" into regular classes really early. I kept fighting the whole physical disability equals diminished intelligence misconception deal all the way through college though!