First day of camp

Camp has begun for Laura. I decided to let my daughter go to camp because she did so well in pre school. You sign the child up week by week. Laura is going to go every other week due to vacation and I just want to have some lazy days of summer.

Laura woke up on time and was all dressed before knocking at our door. She was excited. Donna worked as my attendant today. She came right on time at 8 and Laura had pancakes. Her favorite right now are mini pancakes from giant. I got ready and said good bye to Jeff. He worked 9-6 today.

When we dropped her off, we learned that there was 550 kids signed up for camp this week in total. It was fun seeing all the excitement in the air. One of Laura's pre school teacher is a pre school camp leader. Laura ran up and gave her a hug.

After I dropped her off, I came home to make a few calls. I also ate some cereal and went to do my weekly shopping. We went to acme, walgreens , and giant. Somehow we still made it in time to be 10 minutes early to pick up Laura by 12.

It was so cute to see Laura marching out with her group. They gave them blue camp shirts to wear. They also made masks that allowed them to "see monsters." Laura was happy and said she played with a little boy named, Liam.

After rushing home, we put groceries away and ate lunch. We then went back to the YMCA for her cooking class.

I might not always like my crazy schedule but I think Laura learns a lot. It's worth it. If Jeff and I decide to have another baby, I hope I can keep the same energy. Jeff told me last night that maybe I should start stocking up on diapers. We shall see.


  1. Oh, excitng I was just wondering to myself if you'd considered one more. Also, I like busy better too. The worlds to big not to expose your kids to as much as possible.


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