Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Laura asks ,"can I help?". Several times a day

Laura has always strived to help. This isn't something that can be taught except maybe by modeling or encouraging. With Laura, helping is instinct.

When I planned on being a mom, one of my goals was to not have Laura help me in my care with CP. I didn't want her to be robbed of her childhood or resent me when she was older. However, as she grew, I realized my goal was somewhat unrealistic.

It probably started at age one when she fed me a bite of food. Then it carried into trying to brush my teeth by putting her hand on the caregivers hand. She then loved to help pick out my clothes and giving me her fashion advice.

I remember when an attendant called off. I already taught her how to turn on/off a shower so I figured that I could get her assistance. She had a blast pouring shampoo on my hair too. Other than that , I could handle it. I picked out an easy outfit that I could manage. Keep in mind I am more independent on the floor so that takes away falling risks.

As I got out of the shower, I quickly realized that I was unable to put deodorant on myself. I felt bad asking Laura and a little humiliated too, for some reason. I think parents like to appear strong to their kids even though no one is perfect.

My creativity kicked in and I asked her if she would help mommy paint her arms. She giggled and did a pretty good job! She then "painted" het stomach.

I think asking your child to help isn't horrible unless it's their main duty and daily occurrence. Laura loves helping with cleaning, organization projects and anything really. She gets upset when she can't help or isn't needed.

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  1. Riley is my go to "can you pick that up for Mommy" girl and she loves to put clothes in or take clothes out of the dryer! She'll be 2 in Sept.