Laura's life plan at four

For some reason, ever since Laura was about two and a half, she decided she wants to live close to me. She has told relatives that her and her husband plus kids will live in my house. She'll sleep on her bed and they can sleep on the floor. However, now she said they will build an apartment in the basement.

Today Laura came up with a plan. She told me that after she's a grown up, she'll move into the neighbors house (after they die), work for me as my personal care attendant and I can help raise her kids. Then she thought about a car and explained that since the neighbors will be dead - they won't need a car so she will drive theirs.

Honestly,the idea sounds wonderful (except our neighbors dying, of course. ) I do encourage her to go to college. She wants to be a veterinarian and a Mommy. :)


  1. Very good Jess. You sure do like your technology.


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