Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael - the strange beach guy

Ask anyone of my friends and they will tell you that I attract strange people or situations.

A few weeks ago, Jeff, Laura and I had a four day vacation at Atlantic City. We had fun walking the boardwalk, going on the beach, relaxing, eating at buffets and just being together. Even one day it rained, but we had fun anyway dodging in and out of stores so we didn't get completely soaked.

Everyday we all went back to the room and relaxed. Laura watched some TV or movie while Jeff and I hung out on the balcony. This helped regain our energy and avoid any meltdowns from being tired.

On the last day, Jeff was very tired (he carried me on and off the beach that day) so he took Laura back to rest. I wasn't tired so I choose to stay on the boardwalk. We agreed to meet up in an hour and a half.

I walked down the boardwalk and stopped into some shops. It's a very long walk so by the time I got to the end,I had a feeling that I might be a little late meeting them. I texted Jeff telling him I'd be a little late and we agreed to meet about eight thirty.

I went back and realized that I had a half hour to spare. So, I walked down a little further and sat by a bench looking at the ocean. I read facebook updates and my email on my phone when suddenly a guy asked,"What are you playing?" Startled, I looked up and saw a guy in his mid thirties with blonde hair sitting next to me.

We had polite conversation. Then he proceeded to ask me about my disability and how I got it. After I told him, he grew perplexed. He told me that I look too energetic and pretty to be in a wheelchair. He said I should be out playing tennis or be jogging. I said I do have a normal life happily with my partner and daughter. He was shocked and seemed annoyed again that I was taken. He said that if I were his wife, he would have me walk everyday so I can get over my cerebral palsy.

Then it turned weird and scary. He asked me if I knew of Terri Schivo (The woman whose husband had her starve to death for no good medical reason.) I said yes and he told me I should be careful because one day my husband will be angry that I have cerebral palsy and do that to me.

At this point, I had my had on my joystick and then he asked what would I do if he tried to rape me? I turned my chair on full speed and left.

I was so happy to see Jeff! Why can't I meet normal people when I'm out and about?

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