Spanking - for or against?

This blog post was inspired by a status going around about the parental right to spank.

Ever since I was young, hitting anyone, especially a child made me cringe. My parents spanked my brother and sister. I hated it and could not understand this irrational behavior. It made me not respect my parents position. I felt they were being bullies. Today they don't agree with spanking either especially with so many other discipline options.

I see spanking as more of an anger release for parents. Spanking teaches children nothing except parents are hypocritical. Parents often say "don't hit " then go and hit their children for misbehaving. How does that help a child learn?

Laura can have very bad behaviors. Hitting her is the last thing I'd do. I take things away, take activities away, time out and talk. I think taking away things and abilities have more of an affect then hitting someone.

Is it ok to hit others when they misbehave? No. Why in the world is it ok to spank a child who isn't even allowed to fight back???

Laura is still an awesome child even without being hit. She knows her boundaries and knows her consequence. She has respect for me and others.

I also feel that hitting children can lead to domestic violence, in some cases. I have met several people who were hit and now have anger/respect issues. if you are steadfast on hitting for discipline, I hope you try to exhaust all other options.

Respect of our human bodies start at home. Think before you spank. Are you doing it for them really or too lazy to be creative in discipline?


  1. Sometimes a more drastic action is required. I've personally witnessed this method being used and having no effect on a child at a restaurant. The child of about 8 was reaching his hands into all of the foods on the buffet and playing in them and his mothers response was "if you continue you are going to lose points". The outcome of this was the child continuing to play in food that other people will be unknowingly eating and quite possibly causing illness in any of these customers with weakened immune systems or other underlying illnesses. There comes a time when you have to make the decision that something to needs to be done to stop this sort of behavior and his "points" system obviously wasn't working.

  2. I agree that an 8 year old shouldn't be doing that and should be made tp leave the building and rake away a lot. Hitting him seems drastic unless a quick pat out of shock or surprise of what they are doing.


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