Too much cancer

Our week has been going pretty smoothly. We have had some sad news about a family friend having cancer. Plus there are some local children dealing with this horrible disease. Cancer is hard enough for adults to deal with, let alone a child.

One little girl lives very close to us and is only months older than Laura. She was diagnosed with brain cancer just after Memorial Day. Our community has taken a huge interest in helping her and her family. Her family blogs about their struggles at .

I feel such a strong connection to them and pray for them daily. Laura knows that Gabby is sick but I didn't explain the technicalities to her. Even though Laura has an amazing grasp of death, it is still my duty to protect her.

All this talk about possible death, always brings me back to the time of Israel. Shortly after his death, I dreaded the day after the funeral. That is usually when you're most alone and your brain quiets from planning. Mourning is horrible to deal with.

Many called me strong. I could never figure that out. Did I have a choice? A baby was depending on me plus my family and friends. I think we're all strong and we just need to tap into it and lean on God as needed.

After I tucked Laura in tonight, she asked me if she could meet Gabby. I said hopefully soon. We need to keep hope and strength to get through this crazy life.


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