Total success from pull ups

Laura is an extremely smart child. I know that I'm biased but sometimes it's easy to forget she's a child. One thing is potty training has been a long and frustrating thing for us to go through.

Her mind understood what to do but her body just wasn't ready. Because she was so intelligent, I started training around two. Big mistake. I wish I waited until she was three because I think her body would be ready.

At four, we would have occasional accidents especially over laughing. I still have an accident from laughing sometimes. She also wet her bed at night.

Instead of getting upset,I just let her wear night time pull ups. This helped everyone sleep and kept a dry bed. Recently, she has been waking up with a dry pull up.

Then one night last week, Jeff and I heard her door open about two hours after we put her to bed. We looked at each other trying to decide who was going to put her back to bed. To our surprise, we heard her go use the bathroom, flush, wash hands and without any words went back to bed! We felt like we won a marathon.

Last night, at four o'clock, Laura woke up and was crying. I immediately thought a bad dream or a wet bed. By the time I opened the door,she was sitting on the toilet with a big smile.

I asked why she was crying. She explained that the hall light didn't come on right away and she was scared. Then she kissed me and said "good night,Mommy." As she put herself back to bed,I choked back tears.

Babies grow too fast. I'm thrilled that she's learning and gaining independence but I feel a longing of her needing me. Growing children are bittersweet and absolutely wonderful!


  1. This is awesome to read!!! Our youngest has had the same problems with his body not telling him when to go and night accidents, we had thought we were out of the pull up at the night stage when suddenly he started wetting the bed after a full weeks worth of changing the bed and washing sheets and blanket every night we went back to pull ups.I have noticed him waking about 1 am when I hear the creek in the door open for him to use the bathroom and here the infamous drop of the toilet seats because he still doesnt get it...and then I hear the water running from washing his hands and the door creek again.... its a proud feeling for them as well as for us parents.When he first Potty trained I let him pick out his under wear and when he went to just night time pull ups and well was bigger I made it a big deal that he could pick new underwear out. I think once we are totally out of night time pull ups I will let him pick them out again. I usualy buy most of my kids clothes when they are not with, other wise they wouldn't not be able to choose and would want one of everything and think it was fine and try to justify it. I do buy them the one with there favorite characters on it especially if its on sale and they need.... Sincerly Tara Deets-Dougherty

  2. Way to go! I can't wait for that day. It really is heart breaking and thrilling watching them become independent.


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