Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wash hands , please

Whenever I take Laura to the bathroom, I always have her wash her hands afterwards. Since she always needs to go to the bathroom whenever we are out, I've seen quite a few public bathrooms. I am sad to say there aren't kid friendly sinks in most.

I normally have her use my footrest as a stool. Most sinks are way to high for children until they are 8 and up. The faucets are hard to reach and the soap is almost impossible. As a mom with CP , I can't help Laura reach everything but we do the best we can. Yes, I could carry wipes and hand sanitizer but I think children have a right and responsibility to wash their hands.

If we are supposed to teach our children hygiene, please give us the proper tools. Children probably need to be clean even more than adults.

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  1. Jessica, I completely agree with you. Washing our hands is a mandatory procedure, and for adults we constantly do this. But kids need to be told, shown, and often reminded. Public toilets can be terrible when you have kids, as adults we can handle both hotter then average water, or colder then average water. But I was in the town centre at weekend and my son needed the toilet. I took him, we was about to wash his hands and then there was a sign saying "Caution. Water is extremely hot, may cause burns." I wasn't going to allow him to use the hot water, so we used the cold which was to cold and made him upset. I felt bad making him wash his hands... But it has to be done. A lot of public toilets are not very friendly towards children and something should be done about them.