Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relationship positives with a disability

I was thinking today about all the special perks of being a partner with a disability. Our relationship is a lot more intimate than some not dealing with a disability. Even though I tend to forget about my CP, it's definitely exists.

The Perks:

- Each time Jeff puts me in my wheelchair, I get a hug and can hug him!
- I'm fed just about everyday from the guy I love. How lucky is that?
- He brushes my hair and styles it. Very nice and I always know he likes the style.
- My hand doesn't always let go when it should, so I can hold his hand longer.
- When I am extra tired, he carries me to bed.
- He learned how to fix my wheelchair better than me.
- He loves technology and is always on the look out on how to make my life easier!
- Jeff knows "CP language. "

See, having a disability is pretty awesome some times if you look at it in a positive light.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Customer service

Many people complain about customer service but when you have a disability, your expectations are even lower.

When I am at a store, I notice employees sometimes run from me so they can avoid helping me. I laugh to myself. I see the fear in their eyes when they think they need to talk to me.

Today I was pleasantly surprised!! Jeff and I went to various stores and everyone we needed to talk to, were great. They talked to me and showed me things instead of just talking to Jeff. This made me feel real and alive.

I think over the years of being ignored made me shy and even scared to deal with people. Jeff pushes me to talk. Sometimes I hate it though!!

The top friendly retailers are:

Home depot
Best buy
Sterling kitchen

Keep it up!!

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