Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relationship positives with a disability

I was thinking today about all the special perks of being a partner with a disability. Our relationship is a lot more intimate than some not dealing with a disability. Even though I tend to forget about my CP, it's definitely exists.

The Perks:

- Each time Jeff puts me in my wheelchair, I get a hug and can hug him!
- I'm fed just about everyday from the guy I love. How lucky is that?
- He brushes my hair and styles it. Very nice and I always know he likes the style.
- My hand doesn't always let go when it should, so I can hold his hand longer.
- When I am extra tired, he carries me to bed.
- He learned how to fix my wheelchair better than me.
- He loves technology and is always on the look out on how to make my life easier!
- Jeff knows "CP language. "

See, having a disability is pretty awesome some times if you look at it in a positive light.

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