Monday, September 5, 2011

Good bye to summer

Summer has come and gone once again. We had a busy but good summer. Laura enjoyed camp and made friends. The last day I picked her up, I felt very proud to see all the kids hugging her and calling her their best friend!

I was happy that there wasn't any harsh thunderstorms. I'm not a fan and sometimes expect the worst. Jeff has helped me in this little bad habit. Life isn't always sad and negative. Thunderstorms also make me jump! Laura doesn't mind them though. I'm glad about that.

We went away to Williamsburg VA for one week. We left on a very early Friday morning - around 5. Jeff did a great job driving and we made excellent time. Laura watched movies on her iPod and played on her leapster explorer. I thought she would fall asleep but the didn't for the five hour trip!

We had passes to Colonial Williamsburg. Laura enjoyed seeing all the colonial items. Unfortunately, for me, a lot of it wasn't too accessible. I waited for Jeff and Laura. It didn't really bother me because I knew she was learning and enjoying seeing everything she could. 

Laura really enjoyed the pool at the resort. Each time she went, she made new friends. Even friends came back to say goodbye to her. I watched her constantly. You can never be too careful when a child is in water. 

One night, there was a bunch of older children in the pool being a little rough. I told Laura if it became too much-she should come out. I was very proud that she did. It was nice to see that she knew her own limits. 
The most difficult part of the trip for me was the bathroom. It had a bathtub opposed to a walk in shower. Jeff and Laura love baths but I can't get in or out myself. Jeff had to assist me. He said he didn't mind but I felt bad about all the lifting he needed to do.

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