Laura and Halloween

Laura was barely a month old for her first Halloween. My neighbor gave us an infant pumpkin costume that was huge even on Laura but looked adorable. She was so tiny. She weighed just over 6 pounds.

My sister had a Halloween party for my nephew who was 3 at the time. I took Laura and have memories of my dad holding her as she cried that little newborn cry.

My friend along with her daughter, took Laura to mall-o-ween. I knew she wouldn't get much out of it, but it was fun seeing the kids. I remember Shannon feeding Laura in the van as I occupied her daughter.

On Halloween night, Israel held her as he gave out candy. The neighbors liked to meet her. After she fell asleep in her swing, we cringed when the door bell rang and ended up closing doors early so she could sleep. That was the last and only Halloween she had with her biological father.

When she was one, she liked the idea of dressing up and getting stuff. My friend and I took her to the mall for their mall-o-ween. We met her uncle there. Laura was a bumble bee and was walking around. Halloween night we took her to a few houses but she got fed up pretty quickly.

She was an angel at 2. She looked adorable and definitely was more in the spirit. We went to the Phillies parade that day because they won the World Series. She went to many houses with me, my dad and my nephew.

At 3, she was tinker bell. It was a fun night, but towards the end, it started to pour rain. We did quite a bit of houses but came home soaking wet.

At 4, she was a witch. She walked in the Halloween parade with my nephew. Jeff took off and was able to go trick or treating. She said Trick or Treating and we were out the whole time. It was cold out and we all went as a group -my sister, my dad, my nephew, Jeff, Laura and me.

This year, she wanted to be sleeping beauty so I got the costume. I ordered it online and Laura said it was too scratchy. So now she is a blue/purple dragon and is warmer. She looks quite cute.


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