Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laura turns five

On September 21, Laura turned 5 years old. I never thought this could happen, but on that day I saw a change. She matured and looked even taller. My baby wasn't a baby anymore but a young girl.

We spent the day having fun!! At pre school, I sent in cupcakes and juice. They sung Happy Birthday and she wore her birthday girl shirt. When she was at school, me, Jeff and Donna (my personal care attendant ) hid half of her presents. Unfortunately, Jeff had to work 12-9 but the night before, we took her to her favourite Chinese restaurant and gave her a present. Ariel princess dolls for the tub.

My dad had off that day so we picked Laura up from school together. We came home and she enjoyed finding her gifts. She threw her arms around me and said how much she loved me.

After that, she played outside with my dad, played with her furreal dog. Then she did her Spanish homework. By then it was time to pick up my nephew with a trip to Chuck E Cheese!

She had a blast. Even though I can't do everything with her, I watch, root her on and support her. Some other kids stare and Laura just ignores them or says "she has cerebral palsy. "

After three hours of play, pizza and fun, we went back to the house for red velvet cake and the rest of her presents. Fun day!!!

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  1. Wow, five. Hang in there, Mama. Riley turned 2 this September, I can only imagine.


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