Shower at last

Independence is a huge word for someone with a disability. It's a word I have heard since childhood. Doctors explaining how I would probably not be independent at mostly anything. Then therapist telling me that if I did more of what they tell me, that I would be more independent.

I have become more independent throughout my life. I was finally able to sit on my own around 4. Granted it was the dreadful W position. Yet everyone told me that I shouldn't sit that way because I wouldn't be able to move at 20. I am 36 and still crawling and hopping around.

Most of my life, I needed to be lifted into the bathtub. I know it wasn't easy even though I'm not heavy. It certainly wasn't easy on me trying to control all my muscles to go into one area. I also worried about hurting someone too in the process.

In 2006, my brother and friend put in a shower that I could crawl in/out of. I was seven months pregnant and it was not worth the risk of my baby, myself or anyone else to get hurt. I can't tell you how nice it was to get in and out myself. No more worrying!!

In the back of my mind, I always thought how nice it would be to be able to turn water off/on. Dressing myself isn't the easiest but can be done with the magic of elastic. So it wouldn't be a big problem if I needed to get ready on my own or just wanted to.

Before Jeff and I were even engaged or dating long, he said his dream was to help make my house as accessible as possible. He mentioned lowering the controls in the shower so I can get clean when I want. I thought it was a fantastic idea.

This past week the reality finally came. Granted we were out of a working shower for about 9-10 days but our YMCA is so close, that it wasn't terrible. Today we have a beautiful white tile shower with controls that I can use. I even took two showers today simply because I could!

Laura is happy with it too. She said that now she won't have to stop playing to occasionally turn on/off the shower.
Now on to more renovating.


  1. I'd love to see pictures of your new shower it sounds awesome.


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