Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laura and her baby

I bought Laura her first baby doll when she was seven months old. It was a twin pack of the little mommy dolls. At that time, she mainly tried to eat their heads and throw them around.

I remember when I moved back from my sister's house after Israel died, the girl I hired to work overnight seemed to be worried Laura liked to gnaw on the dolls heads. I found it to be typical baby response to hard plastic.

As Laura grew, she named one baby, Rosie, and the other, Jessica. Rosie was named after the little sister from the show Cailou. Jessica was named after me. They both became a valuable asset to some serious playing time.

I can remember Laura laughing so hard that she could barely breathe due to the babies antics. She has played mommy, doctor, nurse, teacher, babysitter and more with those dolls. As a doctor, she uses toilet paper and tape to heal broken bones and wounds that the dolls acquire. She has been doing these things since she was two.

My dad often plays imaginary land with Rosie, Jessica and Laura. It's great to hear the detail situations and scenarios.

This past Wednesday, Rosie became a favorite again. Laura calls her her real baby. She gives me specific care instructions for when she goes to preschool. I find it adorable and brings back memories to my playing days.

I used to play with dolls exactly like Laura. I couldn't physically manipulate them as well as she can but I remember the feeling of maternal instincts and love I felt. I get a kick of watching Laura rock her doll side to side, holding the head and swaddling the doll.

Nothing can explain the feeling as a mother to see your daughter express natural maternal instincts. Even at 5, I can see, God willing, that she will be an excellent mommy one day!

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