Lucky in love

Jeff and I have had a stressful time with renovations, Christmas, work and so on. I'm amazed and how happy we maintained our sanity. No, we aren't perfect, but we are doing well.

After Israel committed suicide, I was pretty jaded. I didn't think good things last. I didn't trust that things could have a happy ending or I would believe that when someone says they will love you forever, they mean it.

It took Jeff lots of time and work to show me he's not out to hurt me, make me miserable or leave. I still have a wall up and am not 100 percent trusting. However, I came a long way with his patient help.

I used to think that things always go bad. I hated to fly because I thought we would crash. I cringe at the thought of vacation because I thought something would go wrong.

I still have haunting feelings but am realizing life doesn't have to be hard.

Our relationship is based on love but also respect to work things out. We both choose someone that we generally like and have things in common. It pays off emotionally to pick the right partner and not settle.


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