Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Schooling woes for next year

I've spent hours and hours trying to pick a school for Laura. She will be going into kindergarten in the fall. The choosing process has been very frustrating and stressful.

Before I had Laura, I wanted to homeschool. Israel and I had it all figured out. He'd do math and science and I'd do everything else. Sounded perfect. But he died and Laura is a social strong willed child. I think homeschooling would limit her and possibly damage our relationship. I might be wrong, but my gut is telling me homeschooling isn't for Laura.

So now I'm left with what school do I choose? In our location, she would go to Barkley Elementary public school. Barkley doesn't have very high national test scores and my sister (a traveling OT) said it wasn't a great school. If we lived a few houses down, she would go to Schuykill Elementary which is a great school.

I asked head officials if she could go there anyway and they said no.

So now I'm down to two choices:

St. Basil's - Excellent Catholic School that costs $400 a month. Top quality and challenging.

Renaissance Academy - free charter school which is award winning and highly geared to college academics. But small classrooms and no homework

So undecided!!!

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