Snow day

When Laura was a baby, my heart sank when I thought I would be alone with her. I cherished all time I can with her but as a baby, she needed more physical care than I could do. When she was 2, I could do more and more for her all of the time.

Today it snowed which meant my hockey game was canceled. Jeff worked the 1-10 shift so I had Laura the majority of the day on my own. Saturday's are my one day a week where I don't have an attendant. I like my attendants very much but everyone needs a break.

Laura and I do just fine on our own if no transportation is needed or real cleaning needs done. Jeff sets us up with food / drink. He helps me get ready and we are set

In some ways it is much easier. When I have an attendant here, they always seem to want to help when I discipline Laura or have something to say. Its only human nature but can be annoying when I'm her mom and shouldn't have to explain why I do or don't do things a million times a day.

My attendants are great though all in all. I have to remind them once in awhile that I have control over things (which means give me some room) and they do. They mean well and both have been with us since Laura was a little over one and right before two.

Today we had fun. We played spy, coloured, talked, she played in snow as I watched, cleaned her room together, and watched a few shows. We take care of each other and she knows I'm the boss.

Laura told me she had a great day! That made me very happy. We even cleaned the house before bed.


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