Monday, February 6, 2012

Crazy CP

Cerebral palsy can drive me nuts! There are days when I could go to the store and trade my body for a new one. I don't like when my muscles go crazy and I feel possessed. Hormones and sickness do not help either. When I get sick or hormonal changes, my CP goes haywire.

The last week I've been having a rough time. My brain is sending crazy messages to my body. The worst is when I go to bed and get into a good sleep and my body jerks me awake! I feel like its fighting against me and wants me sleep deprived. 

I also hate when Jeff tries to cuddle and my body tries to wiggle out of it. The more I fight against it the more it moves.  He understands but I feel as I just did a work out just to cuddle or hold hands. 

I love my life though even if it's difficult. I've been going to therapy for seven sessions now to help the pain in my back and legs. I think it helps. 

It makes me sad sometimes when I think about never being able to drive Laura by myself somewhere, cook Jeff a romantic dinner and other things by myself. For some reason, these things bother me more as I age. I think I'd be used to it by now. 

I won't let things keep me down though and strive to make the most of everyday. 


  1. Hi I just stumbled onto your blog. I have CP as well and wanted to say to that I seem to be more annoyed with my limitation as I get older as well. Maybe I secretly thought my CP would go away. Who knows? Anyway, you are not alone :)