Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting my iPhone 4S

When coming back from dancing on Friday night, we found our ramp was snow covered. We recently learned that a concrete ramp would be better than wood because it is less slippery. As Jeff helped push me up the ramp, my iPhone 3G jumped off my lap without me knowing.

After I got in, I realized I was missing my phone. Jeff went back outside and found it but it was missing part of the case. We just figured that we would get a new case at the mall the next day.

Well to make a long story short, the on/off button had broke. So I decided to upgrade my phone since it was due anyway. I was saving for the iPhone 5 but I needed a phone anyway and mine was slowing down.

So we went to the AT&T store and the clerk said all he had was the white one. Excitedly, I said yes because I wanted a white one anyway. I like how fast it is. I got the 16gig over the 32 but I really do not need all my music on it.

I mainly use my iPhone to text, call, blog, banking, control my lights, control the tv and stereo. I play some games as well.

My upgrade now isn't for another two years, but I think this will suit me just fine. I'm sure that I'll feel jealous when Jeff gets the iPhone 5, but there will be more important things to worry about!

Until my next phone, I'm happy with what I have.

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  1. Well, Congratulations, your iPhone 3G slipping from your lap, actually proved good for you and you the the iPhone 4S ;)