Monday, February 20, 2012

Having a beta fish

Ten days ago Jeff and I decided to buy Laura a fish. She had been asking for one but we already have 3 cats and 2 dogs. We suddenly wanted to surprise her and figured she was old enough to care for it.

So we went to the Good Will first and got her clothes. She's been outgrowing hers and got her some cute stuff for next year. Then we walked over to the pet store and she was curious why. Then we told her and she was so happy! She hugged and kissed us.

Jeff picked out a tank that had a filter and all that was needed for a beta fish. As he was getting that together, I took Laura to pick out her fish. I saw a pretty blue and white one and we both agreed on that.

Laura named the fish, Beato (pronounced like bateo.) She thought it was so cute and loved it. We taught her how to feed it and explained over feeding was deadly.

That night she went to sleepover my sisters and we promised to take care of the fish. The next day when we checked in on her, she cried because she missed her fish. My sister overheard her tell her son that she missed his, "cute expressions." So adorable!!

Jeff brought a snail for the tank. We were going to get a goldfish but were advised the tank wasn't big enough.

I enjoyed hearing Laura running down the hall in the morning to care for her fish. She would show it off on FaceTime.

After I went to hockey Saturday (Laura was at my dads house,) I came in and saw Beato on it's side at the bottom of the tank. I yelled to Jeff that he died. Jeff thought I was crazy. He tapped the tank and the fish started swimming around. I still knew it didn't look right lying like that but hoped for the best.

Later, right before Laura came home, Jeff looked at Beato and knew he was not healthy. We both were sad because a blue and white fish would not be that easy to replace so we had to eventually tell Laura.

My dad, who is like a fish expert, confirmed our suspicions. He suggested changing the water. Jeff did.. Before Laura went to bed, I looked at the fish and knew it was a matter of time.

Jeff and I sat her down and told her what was going on. She burst into tears and was angry that we even said anything to her. In other words, it was very sad and she didn't want to hear it. We told her he'd be happy in heaven and see him one day. Plus maybe we could get another.

The next day, Beato was dead. Laura cried but recovered. Donna, my friend/attendant, made a coffin. Laura took a big rock from her collection and took a piece of paper. She wrote "Beato. 9 days. RIP. ". We buried him under our holly tree.

Our tank is still up because of the snail. It's sad not to see Beato. We are undecided to try again.

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