Hives break out

Laura has hives on her body again. This time I'm not panicking that it's a food allergy. Last time she had hives, I thought she was allergic to peanuts because she broke out the same day she ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It turned out that she had an ear infection and that is how her body reacts.

She started a cold on Saturday. I kept her home on Monday because she was coughing/sneezing. I sent her in on Tuesday because she seemed better with cold medicine and begged me because it was her show and tell/snack day.

Yesterday morning she had a little blotchiness under her right eye. It looked like she was rubbed it too hard. All day it was there but faded in and it didn't look like much to worry about.

This morning when she woke, her eye looked nearly black and blue. It is red and puffy around her eye and some red dots on her nose. She also said she was itchy. I kept her home and set a doctor appointment at 10:45. We will see.


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