Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lima Bean Riot

On Friday night, Laura was invited over my sisters house. Jeff noticed earlier during the week that Lima Bean Riot was playing at a place called Molly Macguires in Phoenixville Friday night. We immediately perked up.

When Jeff and I were dating, we often went to a place called Maddie's in Frazer. It was a big place for bands to play and people to dance. We had lots of fun and I came out of my shell there, so to speak.

Dancing in a wheelchair can be intimidating, scary and smelly. Intimidating because your sitting while everyone else is jumping all around you. Scary because when people are drunk, they tend to act different and get overexcited to see someone in a wheelchair. Smelly because your level with armpit and sweat odor.

Anyway, we enjoyed dancing and having fun to many bands. One band, in particular, I really liked. Lima Bean Riot! In fact, they played the same night that Jeff and I became engaged. Maddie's closed and Lima Bean Riot split or changed.

On Friday night,they were playing but they were a completely different set of people. They did a great job, and kept the energy alive. We danced a lot and I danced with others.

By the middle though, things started to get a bit crazy. People were jumping around and being less careful of my chair. Jeff was great! He made himself a barrier between me and everyone else so no one fell on me. When I felt nervous, I just looked in his eyes or grabbed his arm and I felt instantly relaxed.

We stayed the entire time. As we walked to the van, it was gently snowing which made it all the more romantic!

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