Monday, February 27, 2012

Washington DC with CP and a 5 year old

A few months ago we were invited to join Jeff's parents when they went to Washington DC. We were talking about taking Laura there so we thought it would be fun. His parents have a timeshare so we stay in accommodating places.

Laura went down with them on Monday. Jeff and I went down bright and early Tuesday morning. One thing that I've learned while traveling with a disability and a child was to always be prepared.

I usually pack a few days before a trip. This way I know the majority is done and all I needed was to add last minute things. An hour before Laura left, we ran to Giant to buy food for the trip. The places we stay have kitchens in the suite so we don't always need to eat out. It's convenient especially with a hungry little one and cuts down on costs.

On Monday night, Jeff's dad texted me that Laura loved swimming and was having fun. Jeff and I got up a little after 5 and groggily got dressed and left a few minutes after six. After a quick stop to pick up 2 sodas and 2 snacks -we didn't stop until we arrived.

I had to hand it to Jeff. He worked until 10 on Monday night, came home, packed up the van and we both didn't really sleep until 11:45. We got up about 5 hours later. I was impressed

On trips, I usually snack on slim jims or twizzlers because I can hold them myself. We hit a little bit of traffic but all in all, time went fast. We were there just a little bit before 10.

Laura was happy to see us. She was still in her pjs so we got her dressed. We all decided to go to a few museums. As we waited for his parents to get ready, we explored the hotel.

Laura acted like a tour guide but got lost a few times. We managed though. One thing was a little silly and that was for someone to get to the pool in a wheelchair, they needed a key for an elevator to go both up or down. So if you are going to the pool, make it worth the while.

Our room was fully accessible with wonderful accommodations. We had a king sized bed so it felt like we were in two different countries. We have a queen at home.

So after everyone was ready, we hopped on the metro and went to the Smithsonian museums. The metro is fully accessible. Just be quick not to get stuck in between the doors. At one stop, my chair turned off as I was trying to get off. Jeff and another guy tried to open the door back up, but it wouldn't. We had to get off at a next stop and go back.

Stay tuned for the museum adventure.

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