Friday, March 2, 2012

Compassionate child

One of the best part I took out of the movie, The Help, was when the nanny said to the children she watched that they are "kind, smart and important." I thought wow - what a way to boost self esteem. When times are rough, they can have that running in their head and no one can bring that down.

As a mom, I always felt it was important to raise a kind, compassionate child than an ultra successful child. If all three happen, then great but I rather her kind.

I try to live as an example. We give to charity especially give baby supplies and clothes to shelters. We give away toys and books to those who need it. We help friends as much as possible.

So the other day my friend was talking to me about putting off dental work until she saved up for it. Laura was getting ready for school but listening. She quietly went into her room. She came back a few minutes later and was looking around in the kitchen. She came out and whispered in my ear, "where is her purse? I want to give her five dollars."

I was so touched and proud that tears filled my eyes. I gently told Donna because I didn't want to embarrass Laura or make her feel silly. We explained that she didn't need to give Donna money and she should keep saving it because she doesn't work yet. Donna thanked her throughout the day as well. I also told her how proud I was of her.

Ever since I watched, The Help, I tell Laura that she is kind, smart and important every night before bed. I think it has worked!

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