Not Just News: Girl with cerebral palsy is denied a walker in sch...

Not Just News: Girl with cerebral palsy is denied a walker in sch...: A five year old student in Texas with cerebral palsy is denied her walker at school. Lakay Roberts has cerebral palsy and needs her walker...

This story reminds me of a friend's daughter. She was denied access to attend field trips with her camp because she used a walker. These people that make ridiculous laws don't take in consideration the feelings of the children.

Having a disability is hard enough but when people point out the differences even more, self esteem plummets. Teachers need to make children feel more comfortable and integrated with peers. At 5, this can effect her self esteem for many years.


  1. This is one good example of how hard it can be for people with disabilities. You are very right, the young girl should feel comfortable at her school.

    Have you heard the audio recording of the conversation between the head of the special needs department and the mother? Some people are in the wrong career fields.

  2. I had a walker at school. eventually I abandoned it because I wanted to try and play like the other kids. How can an educational authority deny a child such an opportunity?


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