What Laura says...sayings of a five year old

Laura has always come up with some cute things that blow me away. I always wish I write these things down as they happen. I don't because life gets the better of us. I thought I'd share some things she says or has said.

This past Saturday, as she was in the shower, she giggled and said, "Look, there are teardrops on my back!"

She told me on Friday night, as she was trying to stretch my fingers, "I'm going to be a physical therapist and come over everyday. You can lie on the couch and I will stretch you out."

Last night after pre school, 2 swim classes, play date and playing in the backyard, she sat down to do her homework. She needed scissors and a glue stick. She asked, "can you get it for me? I had a really tough day."

After I gave her a puzzle one day, she said, "thanks Mom. I'm really appreciative of this!"

Before school she says, "I'll miss you. It's 3 hours long!"

A few weeks ago I lifted something fairly heavy and Laura said, " Wow you are strong and you are cerebral palsy."

She has told people that she plans to live in her room when she is older. Her husband and kids can sleep on the floor with our pet dog, Lady.

When our fish died, she made them a grave stone. She checks in on it.


  1. Homework for preschool is just sad, pathetic, and wrong.


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