Laura earned the orange band.

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Laura enjoyed school, I got some errands and cleaning done. I found out that she can add in her head. For homework, she had to cut out five eggs to help her to her worksheet. It was one for adding. Laura cut them out perfectly but added everything perfectly in her head.

Yesterday was also her last crazy swim Monday. The next session I have things more spread out. Her first class is almost too easy and that is why she was bumped up a level for next session. Her second class was much more of a challenge. I personally think challenges are great. I grew up on challenges and it just made me stronger.

She had her wristband test. At the YMCA, they make children between 5-12 get a wristband so lifeguards can easily see what level swim they are. Orange is the lowest and then green.

Laura earned an orange wristband because she needs improvement on bringing her arms up out of the water. It means she can go in the pool by herself to under her armpits. I'm very happy with that and she worked hard for it.

During class she was fidgety with her goggles. So I quickly ran up to the front desk at the Y and bought her a youth pair. They were $7 but well spent because she said, "Thanks Mom! These are perfect."

We will miss the first week of the next session because we will be in Florida. But when we get back, she will be in the wristband class on Monday and then Ray classes Tuesday and Wednesday. She is also going to take a science and art class. I love the Y and it's only 3min away from us.


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