Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mommy and Laura day

Laura has been asking for a "Mommy and Laura Day" for awhile. A mommy Laura day means that it's just me and her. Last year they happened more frequently because my attendant at the time called out or left early frequently. Now my attendants hardly call out which is wonderful.

When my attendant would call out, I would secretly panic inside but play it cool with Laura. I'd call it Mommy and Laura Day and figure out getting her fed etc. We would eat lots of cereal on those days and anything else we could both reach.

Laura is getting older now and is pretty much self sufficient. When we remodelled the kitchen, we made one cabinet just for Laura. She has snacks, food, and some dishes just for her. She can also reach most things in the fridge.

On Friday, Jeff worked and my attendant requested off. I knew weeks in advance. On Thursday, I had Grace prepare sandwiches and plenty of juice / water cups for me. Laura has juice and water bottles.

On Friday morning, things went relatively smoothly. When Jeff went to the gym, I took a shower. Now that the shower controls are lower, it's so much easier. I picked out easier clothes to put on. When he got back, all he had to do was put my socks and sneakers on, deodorant on, and brush / put my hair up. I laid all this out for him. He also put cereal out for me and my chocolate milk.

Then he came up with a brilliant idea because he is always thinking about me. As many of you know, I'm more independent on the floor but I can't get in my chair myself. Jeff put the chair flush to the bed. So I could get into bed and then bump into my chair. Laura can click the seatbelt.

After Jeff left, Laura and I played lots. I finally logged her on to ABC She has been asking me for awhile to set her up but always forgot when I had time. She loved it (I'll write a separate review later.) Then I had her shower and dress. We decided to walk into town because we had to get a gift for her friends birthday.

Jeff's idea worked. I got in my chair no problem and we were off. It was very nice just spending time with my daughter. We talked, giggled and just had fun. People at the store were very nice and helpful. Laura got my credit card out of my wallet. It all worked well. They even gift wrapped the gift for free. I got Laura a set of plastic horses.

When we came home, we ate lunch, watched tv, played with the horses, cleaned the house and before long - Jeff was home! We had a terrific mommy, Laura day!

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