Swim class

On Monday, I took Laura to her swim classes. She takes two on Mondays and one with her pre school class. Laura has improved greatly and I'm so proud of her. Her second class is to earn a wrist band so she doesn't need to be at my side in the pool.

The wrist band class is difficult for her, but a great challenge. Many things come easy to Laura so I think having a challenge is a good thing. It is hard to watch her struggle though - I admit.

I think swimming is so important for her because you never know what might happen when your child is at someone's house. Not everyone watches your child exactly like you do. Drowning is a horrible tragedy so I hope these lessons help!

I swim using a Konfidence vest. It gives me just enough support so I can be independent in the pool and get great exercise. It's not the most attractive but we call it my wet suit.


  1. You are right about that. Knowing that your child can swim certainly helps you be more at ease when he's away. Plus it brings great benefits to his health.


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