Monday, April 9, 2012

Perkiomen Trail

My weekend was pretty good! On Friday, Jeff, Laura and I all had off together. The only plans we had was that Laura wanted to go to my Dad's house to sleepover and Jeff and I had date night. Jeff and I were recovering from a cold/allergy situation but did not want to waste a beautiful day.

Jeff made breakfast and I helped Laura write a story. She is getting so so close to reading. It's like she's right on the cliff. I was spelling words for her as she told me what she wanted to write. She had this whole complicated story but I had to tone it down or we would have been there a week spelling out each word.

It reminded me of when I was 8 and I got my own Brother typewriter. I typed crazy stories. One was multiple pages about a little five year old from China going to America to be a foreign exchange student. So, I was definitely excited about Laura's enthusiasm about story writing.

About noon, we all got ready and Jeff had the idea that we should take Laura biking and take Lady walking at the Perkiomen Trail. I was reluctant because I was not feeling 100 percent but he said the sunshine would do me good. I agreed so we loaded her bike and Lady, picked up some lunch and away we went.

I've heard about the trail but never went before. I'm glad we went. I was so proud to watch Laura bike. Just last summer, she wanted nothing to do with it. We even had doubts that she would ever ride it. Here she is riding really well and almost time to remove the training wheels. Sometimes I had a hard time keeping up in my chair top speed!

Lady did great too. She spent sometime off the leash and does really well. She usually walked right next to Jeff. If she got a little far ahead, she stop and look back.

As we were leaving, Laura's little legs were quite tired. She fell and did hurt the back of her knee. Again another sign of maturity, a year ago she would've cried, sworn off biking and insist I carry her back. This year she got back on and said, "I'm alright, mommy."

After the park, we stopped at the Phoenxville dog park. We went a few times before. One time we went when it was the end of winter but the snow/ice were still in the melting process. Well, after we were done, both dogs and all 3 of us were covered in mud. It wasn't our best ideas but a funny memory.

This time we went and no problems. We were all a little worn out but stayed for about 30min. It was just a great day to be a family and enjoy each other.

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